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Torchwood Rage

November 20th, 2006 (10:58 am)

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Torchwood is beginning to annoy me beyond all reason.

1) Where are the aliens? I signed up for monsters. Smoky things posessing people don't count, we all know you're just saving money on CGI.
2) Am I seriously supposed to believe that any woman on earth fancies creepy Owen? Let alone two of them.
3) This is supposed to be an elite special ops unit, two of them have military experience, one of them is a working police officer, yet they get outwitted and outfought by a group of refugees from Royston Vasey.
5) And on that, why is Captain Jack such a twat in this series? When did he suddenly become staggeringly incompetent?
6) Why is Captain Jack the only character allowed to shoot people? Are the guns like lawgivers or something and only work for him?
7) Date rape is not, in fact, fun.
8) If you're going to flag up that the bad guys have superpowers (inhumanly fast and strong, twice the size of humans in the brief shots we got of them) no fair all that going out the window for the big reveal. I felt angry at being deliberately misled. I don't mind if a clever plot has a twist ending but this was just inconsistent.

[breathe] It's only a TV show! It's only a TV show!

edit: Just seen cleanskies on this. All the stuff she's said in her comments applies as well.

If the next episode isn't a huge improvement, I'm gone.


Posted by: Andy Luke (andyluke)
Posted at: November 20th, 2006 11:41 am (UTC)
Is it anti-Torchwood week on Livejournal ?
Andrew Shades

I was indifferent to Torchwood and I've noticed this torchwood-is-shit opinion grow. My pet theory, kicking around the office of my head, is that the writers are deliberately pissing people off in order to engineer some form of direct action resulting in an inverse image. (Instead of date rape, there might be eat'd pear. Or, Who Fanfic anoraks of the islands might put down their pens and make new territory of nightclubs with telescopic spectacles stealthily preying on rohypnol planters.)

Of course I haven't watched it since the second week and might be bullshitting gem to talk it up some. Yeah, thats possibly the case.

Posted by: Tim (timscience)
Posted at: November 20th, 2006 12:18 pm (UTC)
Re: Is it anti-Torchwood week on Livejournal ?
talon 2

I think it's that this week's episode was particularly lame. Also, I signed for a sci-fi show not second rate horror (nothing against horror but it isn't working for me here).

Russell T Davies, sort it out!!!!!

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